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Building the dream!

When we bought our property in 2015, it was more than we could have hoped for, but we knew that in order to make it function in the manner we dreamed of we would have to put in many hours of sweat equity, thoughtfulness, and more money than we frankly were able to afford at the time. Our beautiful homestead sits on top of a hill overlooking our paradise and is surrounded by the lovely privacy of woods, but it was not set up for animals when we purchased it. This means everything from our converted garage barn to our fencing and run in shed, we needed to make a reality. We have slowly been working on making these improvements as time and finances allowed. But as per my usual, I could not wait to grow my herd of goats before we had the proper tools and fencing for them. This means, my does have free ranged exclusively for the past four years and my bucks have been in everything from portable net fencing to my fenced in back yard! We desperately needed sheep and goat fencing not only to allow our animals to enjoy the beautiful pasture that is our upper field, but to also help decrease management and feed costs. This week unexpectedly another piece of the puzzle came together. I have been in discussions with a local fence company who came out to quote me on the installation of sheep and goat fencing along with pounding wooden posts to adhere the fencing to. When we chatted he did not think he would be able to tackle the fencing until December, but with a few cancellations he was able to come and install it Monday and Tuesday of this week! Our bucks have already been outside enjoying the freedom and green grass. But, as the nature of things on the farm, one project begets another, now that the upper perimeter fence is in we need to work on our watering system and building a multi-sided run in shed for the new field. This will allow the horses and goats to utilize this upper field on days when there is rain, too much sun or even snow. As we walked the fence line surveying the end product, I could not help but smile. This was another step that we took in order to make the property into the dream that we see in our heads for it and another step in us leaving our mark on this piece of land that we call home. It helps to remind me when I get discouraged because I want everything to be just so, I need to enjoy the process and smile at the little things, because they are what is important. We are building a legacy for ourselves, our farm and our family. Stay safe, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Goating!

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