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Fighting Mother Nature, Who will Win?

This summer has been the wettest on record for Western Pennsylvanian and Eastern Ohio, and this has meant almost daily rainstorms, and not even just rain, but torrential micro-burst storms with damaging winds and heavy rains. Unfortunately, we live on the top of a hill, which affords for a beautiful view and much privacy, but also means our driveway is very steep. When we toured our property to purchase it the ad said 4 wheel drive vehicle required. My husband and I thought we would be fine with our two front wheel drive cars! Boy were we wrong! I knew after growing up on a long steep gravel driveway we would be signing up for days of not being able to get up the driveway in the winter and gravel getting washed away in the summer!

Being young and eager made us overlook these short-comings and dive headfirst into rural property management. This has meant constant mowing and weed whacking from April through October on top of all of the other regular farm tasks and projects we want to get accomplished! With this wet weather it has become apparent we can no longer ignore the plight that is our driveway. Our wonderful neighbors have come over more than once with their tractor to help smooth the ruts out of the driveway, but with each storm we continue to have more gravel end up in our neighbors driveway and their front yard.

My husband and I made the decision to purchase a tractor to help us with all of the tasks we need to accomplish from adding french drains behind our house and chicken coop to installing new fence posts, and adding gravel to our driveway and constantly grading it! Right now we are trying to decide between a John Deere and a Massey Tractor and we are looking between a 40-50 horse tractor. Let us know which one you prefer and why.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the tasks of farm management along with a full time career and I feel like I am fighting against mother nature, but I have to remember that each day is a blessing and that each task will get done as long as I work at it. I just try to enjoy the process and make memories and enjoy the moment, even while doing the least enjoyable tasks. I always take time to stop, smile and watch the goats, when I see them grazing and frolicking, it makes it all worth it. Thanks for reading and Happy Goating!

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