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Locked out of my own barn????

Today started with the ultimate shock! I walked outside to start my morning chores with more energy and vigor than I have had in several days only to find that my barn door was locked! How did this happen? My mind was swirling and I automatically blamed Moots. Rob and I set up Zoey's kidding pen the night before and moved the kidding camera so I could easily see the kidding stall at all hours of the day and night. This meant the cinder block I use to block the man door open in the winter time goat placed by the door and it was at the perfect height for my incredibly smart goats to use their little lips to lock the door from the inside......

I immediately started talking to Moots begging her to come back to the door to open it, and when I realized this plan was folly, I came over to the house to tell Rob. When I told him the news he thought I was lying to him in order to play a trick on him, once I convinced him it was indeed true and I could not get in to feed, water or clean my barn it was all hands on deck to figure out what to do. I thought about trying to slide under the garage door, but I only had it open a crack, which was not enough to even get my arm under, then I thought about using the credit card trick to open the lock, but by this time Rob had some revelations about how to open the door. He remembered that the garage door opener on our truck used to open both its bay door and the barn garage door, well to both of our dismays this no longer seemed to work. As we were brain storming as to why this no longer worked we realized it was because we had the overhead opener replaced on the garage door earlier in 2019 and this must have failed to have synchronized with our old opener. Thankfully, Rob remembered that we had the garage door company reprogram the key pad when they replaced the opener! He walked up to the barn pressed our pin and violia the barn door came rushing open!

This was such a relief and I was so thankful to have had him remember the code and modification that we had made. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, why don't you have the key to the barn door? Well when we bought this property in 2014 this structure was already there and the previous owners never transferred the keys to us! This highlighted our need for changing the locks out on our barn door! Thankfully, this scary situation was able to be resolved quickly with a little thinking, but it could have been much much worse. It just goes to show you that you never know what is waiting for you in that barn in the morning!

Happy Goating!

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