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Making Hard Decisions- Selling Our Goats...

This has been a hard week for our goat family. Not only did we have to contend with 90+ F temperatures with very high humidity but we sold our very first kid. I have known that Scarlet was sold since the day she was born, our wonderful friends at Life on Beagle Road made a reservation for a doe kid out of Zoey back in January before we even confirmed she was bred. But that does not make it any easier to let her daughter go. Zoey's kidding was the first one that I ever got to experience and assist with and I will never forget the moment when all of her kids were born. I was so excited and overwhelmed with the experience all I could do was say Hi, Hi, Hi to each of the kids as I cleaned them up and dried them off.

I will never forget the sight of Stellas pink nose and Turbo's beautiful back and white face. After they were born I was convinced that Zoey was done, because she was not very big, but then out came Scarlet, perfect, spunky and striking with her beauty and markings, but half the size of both her brother and sister. I know raising goats you cannot keep them all, but there is a bond formed when you help to bring them into the world and take their first breaths. It is a truly magical experience that is making me tear up as I write this.

It made loading the trailer to head to the PDGA show this past weekend bittersweet. I usually love going to shows and spending time with our goats, but I knew that Scarlet's days with her mom and siblings were limited, and instead of seeing three little white tipped tails bounding after Zoey there would only be two. It really drives home the point that you need to appreciate each day for the wondrous beauty that it has, and that just like all of the goats do, be appreciative and grateful for the small things, like the tender green grass that shoots up after a rain, the gentle breeze on a hot day and cool clean water.

This week's PDGA show was also very memorable, because the last time I was at this show was with my Gram and my first Nigerian Buttercup over a decade ago. Both of them have passed away recently, so being at the show with my husband, show family and herd of goats brought back many sweet memories that I will cherish forever. I was wonderful to see how much the show had grown, because the last time I was at the show I was the only Nigerian, and now they were the 2nd biggest breed!

Buttercup and I at PDGA 10 years ago

We know that Scarlet went to an amazing home where she will be loved for the beautiful and sweet young doe she is becoming! She even got to ride home in style in the front seat! We also can keep up with her adventures by following our friends on their Instagram and You Tube channel and I truly look forward to seeing the goat that Scarlet turns into. I am so happy to be able to provide a goat for a family that will make their lives richer and happier. If any of you have tips on how to better cope with selling your kids please let me know.

Happy Goating!

Stella and I showing at PDGA 2019

Scarlet riding in style to her new home

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