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This week was one where I remembered fully why we live in western PA and not in Florida. It was in the high 80's all week with close to 100 percent humidity, and to say I sweated a lot is an understatement! To top off the sticky situation our 25 year old AC system decided to die on Monday evening, meaning on top of everything else we had going on, we needed a new AC unit. Thankfully, Rob was able to find two companies to come out and quote to replace it, and as of noon yesterday, I have been savoring the sweet feeling of AC!

This week was quite to doosy, as we worked, held down the fort at home and prepared to leave for the NEODGA show. Unfortunately, we also had to deal with our dog, rupturing her ACL, meaning that she has a consultation for surgery on Monday.... When it rains it pours......

Through all of this we are thankful to have warm weather, and to be happy and healthy here at home. We have a lot on our plates, but I would not have it any other way. People ask us why we goat show or why we have animals and my answer to them is always, I would be bored without them. I wouldn't know what to do with myself!! I also, love them dearly and unconditionally, they ground me to what is important and help define who I am. Not everyone has to understand, but I absolutely love it. Additionally, it give Rob and I time away from home together, without work, or home responsibilities distracting us and breaks up the routine. It simply brings us closer together and we love that!

I appreciate all of you for following along with our life story and encouraging us with your kind words. I hope you are all staying cool out there and Happy Goating!!

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