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The Best Christmas Gift...

The day before Christmas at our farm was filled with excitement. We had a planned visit by our farm vet to perform health certificate checks for our upcoming show at the Pennsylvania Farm Show and since the timing worked out we were also planning to draw blood work to determine pregnancy in Moots and Zoey. Ivy had come back into heat just a few days before and I knew our fourth attempt this season to get her settled had failed. As the vet was examining the animals, I told her about our ultrasound experience with Ivy and she offered to ultrasound the goats for free to see if we could see anything, and still do the blood work if I would like. We put Zoey on the stand who I was very confident was pregnant and we immediately saw at least three large fetuses and we could not have been more excited!!! We put Moots on the stand and the vet saw what she thought were two kids, but she was not 100% sure so she suggested we draw blood from her to be 100% sure. She was bred on November 11th and Zoey was bred on October 28th so there was a significant difference in the age of the pregnancy making it harder to determine in Moots. We are still waiting on the results of the blood work, but I will let you know as soon as we hear! The other news we had was the vet examined Ivy and confirmed she is not pregnant, and that she could not see any abnormalities in her uterus on the ultrasound.

The real kicker was the doe Ruby we had from Mischief Manor for breeding, had been at our farm for two weeks and she had yet to come into heat, so I asked her owner if she wanted me to test her for pregnancy and she agreed. She was concerned that one of their buck kids had gotten in with her and bred her. Low and behold she was obviously pregnant, and not only two weeks pregnant. The vet was concerned that her pregnancy did not look normal for the mid November dates that we thought she was bred. Our vet was concerned that she may be aborting the pregnancy, and suggested she be rechecked in a month.

Overall, we had a very fun and exciting vet visit and we are looking forward to late March kids!

Happy Goating!

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