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Why do we keep doing this?

Anyone that knows us is aware that we are not content when things are simple, easy and predictable. Whether this means we keep ourselves busy with our full time off the farm jobs, house flipping, our goats and showing schedule or our rental property. It never seems like there is a dull moment. Things got especially challenging last week while Rob was in State College all week and we were getting windows installed at our rental property. It was all I could do to feed and water the animals, do my full time job, work at the rental property and oversee the window installation. I found myself wondering, what am I doing?!! Why am I doing all of this to myself? The truth was obvious to me, I HATE not being busy. I don't know what that says about me, but I was really struggling when we had two free weekends in a row. I was so accustomed to working all week and preparing for the adventure that the weekend held. Whether it was a goat show, camping trip, wedding or many other fun activities we were busy every weekend from May until the first week in October! I just didn't know what to do with myself without activities to prepare for!

I enjoy working on things and making a difference in my family life, but also the lives of others around me. Goats are no exception to this. We began executing our breeding plan this week. I went into the barn yesterday morning and found both Marigold and Ivy in heat. Because of our challenges with Ivy's breeding in the past we decided to start breeding her a month before the other girls. We wanted to give her two heat cycles to settle and I also wanted to try and space out our kidding time frame for my sanity. I will keep you posted in 21 days to see if she comes back into heat. If you are not familiar we are breeding Ivy to our young buck Turbo, so they are currently penned together. Keep your fingers crossed that she successfully settles.

Also, if you have been keeping track of our saga with Zoey's FAMACHA, she seems to have recovered to a healthy pink score and her fecal came back very clean. We are hopeful she remains this way and we do not have to utilize levamisole again.

We are excited for what the future holds for our farm, family and business. Thank you for taking the time to read about our adventures!

Happy Goating!

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