Breeding Schedule 


 Winning  Streak EB Cerealia

 Doelings $800 Bucklings  $500

 Cerealia will be bred to  Swallow Hill DV Branson for spring 2021. -Reservations available. Please  email me at to make reservations.

-One doe kid will be retained.

Caprigem FB Nautilus will not be bred for the 2021 year.


Mischief Manor B Ivy

Doelings $ 700 Bucklings  $ 500

Ivy will be bred to  Winning Streak Turbo for  Spring 2021

- One do kid retained

-Reservations available please email me at

Winning Streak Stella

Doelings $800 Bucklings $500

Stella will be bred to Swallow Hill DV Branson for Spring 2021 kids.

- One doe lid retained

-Reservations available please email me at

(724) 858-9435

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