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Udderly Wicked Farms  B Godiva

2020 Doe

Second Freshening Udder

Godiva kick butt.jpg

Udderly Wicked Farms B Trudy
2021 Doe

First Freshening Udder

Trudy 2FF udder.jpg

Trudy 2nd Freshening Udder 12 hour fill.

Udderly Wicked Farms B Maggie

 2021 Doe

Stella Grand Champion.jpg

18th place Intermediate kid at 2021 ADGA Nationals

Restricted Leg earned at District II Nigerian Specialty 8.7.21

Best Jr. Doe in Show 8.7.21 under Judge Cullen Owens


Udderly Wicked Farms J Ziva

2022 Doe

Ziva FF Udder side.jpg

Restricted leg earned  6.20.2023

First Freshening  April 17, 2024 with a 12 hour fill

Udderly Wicked Farms LT Kim
2022 Doe

LT Kim.jpg
Kim FF Udder Side.jpg

First Freshening April 22,2024

 With a 12 hour fill

Mischief Manor T Pip
2022 Doe 
Due to Freshen April 2024

Pip Pedigree.png

Dwarf Lunacy VB Peach Bellini
2022 Doe


Kidded with triplets April 13, 2024

Peaches first Freshening Udder with a 12 hour fill.

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