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2021 Nationals.... Part 1

To say the past 10 days has been a blurr is an absolute understatement. We started our journey at 3 AM on Saturday July 17th. As I walked into the barn to start milking our girls, they looked at me, as if to say, hey do you have three heads? You were just in here a few hours ago to feed us dinner.... But, this was all in the effort to get on the road by 4 AM and arrive in Louisville with plenty of time to allow for check in by 7, substitutions, and any unforeseen incident that may occur in the drive down. Thus we were loaded and on the road with our goats and friends in toe by 4:25 AM The first half of our journey, although dark and a bit rainy was lacking traffic and crazy drivers. Before we knew it we were parking in the parking lot for breakfast at a Waffle House right outside of Columbus, where I secured the girls door with a lock and we went in to get breakfast. The place did not open until 7 AM and we were just a few minutes until 7, so we waited outside. Breakfast was good, but the Waffle House it self was struggling, literally part of the ceiling fell down while we were eating breakfast..... So we hightailed it out of there to head to Louisville.

Our next stop was the vet check line where we waited for close to an hour, thankfully, it wasn't too hot and we were able to easily find our pens while we were waiting and begin unloading and bedding the stalls. The vet check went smoothly, with no issues, as we got our animals settled into their pens, the next step was to check in with the show office. The wonderful volunteers that were working check in did a great job at moving the line along quickly and effectively changing classes and goats! Finally after several hours of checking in, waiting in lines and setting up we were ready to get our camping spot! We were able to secure a spot with water, electric,septic and a waste water drain, meaning we could live in our trailer for the whole week. Without this our trailers holding tanks are really only capable of handling 4 days maximum of our needs, so that was a relief.

Finally, we were able to get everything settled in place at our camp spot and our stall area, that we took Rob's Gray Goat spices which can now be found at to set up in the vendor hall area. With all of the moving pieces settled we were finally able to do our PM milking and hit the hay with dreams of the week to come dancing in our heads!

Stop back in next week for the final part of our two part series 2021 ADGA Nationals!

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