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A Journey for the Year.....

The past few weeks have been our typical summer time routine running from one thing to another! We had our last show before nationals in Centre Hall over fathers day weekend, where we were able to spend some time with old and new goat friends, along with having a fantastic time showing. I was so happy to watch Avery play trucks and tractors with another goat show kid a year older than her, it warms my heart to see her getting to enjoy herself and be a kid at my favorite activity.

We also brought our four show milkers and I was so proud of Kim, my 2 year old. She was such an ugly duckling as a kid and a yearling but she has really blossomed, not only did she win a 2 year old milker class out of 25 does in the first ring, but she was mentioned for grand champion in the most competitive show of the day, the Nigerians. She held her own in the 2nd ring placing 3rd after some stunning does. My other two does made the top cut, but did not perform as well as Kim. She udders very well and extremely consistently, I am looking forward to how she continues to stack up against the competition.

As you may have guessed, we are making the trek to ADGA Nationals starting next Friday we are going to drive 3/4 of the way there and staying in Cincinnati to make our trek on day 2 only about 2 hours. Historically, we would have done it all in one day, but a 6 hour trip with a toddler is too much to ask for, so we are going to try our hand at staying at a horse hotel for the first time and making our lives a little easier. I am really looking forward to the day that Avery can participate in the Youth activities if she is interested. That is something I always wanted to do!

We have a lot to do to prepare for the show, I did a major clip on all the does except for the kids attending the show this past week, and my clippers died after the first doe, so I had to buy a pair of Listers and get a replacement pair of Oster clippers, but i am kicking myself for not purchasing Listers sooner! I was able to clip all of my does in an evening when at most I could clip 2-3 does a night at about 45 minutes to an hour each!! The listers cut the clipping down to 15- 20 minutes per goat!!!

I have a lot of packing and prepping to do before nationals, that I need to tackle into one day, because when we get home from the Gray Goat event we are currently at, I am traveling to Boston for work and I do not get home until late Wednesday evening and we are leaving at noon on Friday. Wish us luck packing everything for ourselves, our daughter, the goats and our Gray Goat booth at Nationals!!!! If you are there exhibiting or just watching, swing by and say hello to us at the Gray Goat booth where we will be selling BBQ sauce, seasoning rubs, goat milk fudge and Moot in Boots my children's book!

A special thanks to my parents who are making a trip down to watch Avery while we show on Monday and Tuesday. Without them it would not be possible to do everything that we do! Take care and happy goating!

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