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A Mothers Love...

First off let me apologize for failing to write a blog last week. Things were absolutely crazy here and I just did not get to it. As I was thinking about what to write yesterday it came to me clear as a bell. People may think I am crazy, but from all of the experiences I have had with my goats I truly believe that goats can feel love and express love to other goats. The clearest way I see this expressed in my herd is through mothers and their kids. Now, don't get me wrong goats are like humans, not all mothers are created equal, but if you watch a mother with her kids you will see tenderness and love there unlike any other goat interaction.

Let's take Moots and MJ as an example, I did not breed Moots this year due to her difficult kidding the year prior, so she has only kidded once. But her bond with her daughter MJ is unlike any other I have ever seen. Not only do the two of them literally do everything together, but they share in ways that Moots would never share with any other goat on the planet. The clearest example is when they eat. I feed them both in the same pan and they eat side by side like they have since MJ started nibbling on grain. If one is late to the feed dish the other will save grain to ensure the other has some to eat. This continues no matter how much or how little feed I give them. Additionally, anytime Moots gets out of MJ's sight she screams for her in a way that is clear distress. When we brought MJ home from the hospital last summer Moots yelled in a way I had never heard her before and ran to her only daughter. They also spend all of their relaxing time together. Moots always claims ownership of the trampoline and only allows her daughter to lay with her cuddled up. Several other examples have ensued. When MJ got stuck in the electric net fencing last year, Moots stood back with her trying to comfort her in any way she could, and when she heard us get home she yelled to us with what can only be described as a concerned bahh. Their bond in my opinion is clear love.

Now Moots and MJ are no exception here on my farm, Momma and Stella are amazing mothers, teaching and guiding their kids. Always cuddling them, patiently allowing them to jump all over them and chew on their beards. I always say our goats have family units. One example is if they are out grazing MJ, Moots, and Ivy stick together, while Momma, Stella, Godiva and all of their kids stay together. They truly understand who their family is and where their deepest love lies. Watch your goats closely and let me know what you think. Am I being a crazy goat lady or do you see exactly what I am talking about in your own herds? I look forward to hearing from you ! Happy Goating!!

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