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A Stinky Situation.....

The past 10 days have been some that I look back on and think, how did I accomplish that? We started last Wednesday when our dear dog Sadie was released from the hospital. For those of you following along in our saga with her. She was finally diagnosed, after three days of hospitalization and enough tests to make your eyes bulge out of your head with an auto immune disease called IMPA. The long of this is called Immune Mediated Poly Arthritis, which is where her immune system attacks her joints causing extreme pain, swelling and fever. She left the hospital on enough medication to make my head spin.

We then made the decision to salvage what was left of our planned trip to Hocking Hills. The madness that ensued from 6PM Wednesday until Noon on Thursday when we were able to leave was intense. We not only had to prep all of the food we had planned to bring, make and smoke, then we needed to pack for us, the horses and our newly invalid dog. Finally at noon on Thursday we got on the road and arrived at beautiful Pine Creek Horseman's camp around 4:30 just as our whole group was coming back from a trail ride! It was perfect timing. The next few days were FUN! We were able to explore, riding over 15 miles in 2 days, and spent time with friends and family with zero distraction! I loved it, there is no cell service at the camp which is a wonderful way to get away from the world and focus on family, fun, food and relaxation. Sadie spent the majority of the time in the trailer, showing slight improvements each day, but we were still hand feeding her and helping her up and down, but she did seem to be more comfortable, so we were more optimistic as we set the appointment with the internal medicine vet for November ( the earliest they can get us in)

In what seemed to be just a few hours, but in reality was 3.5 days, it was time to pack up and head home. I am so thankful we were able to go to Hocking Hills to cap off our camping season on a positive note. One would think that when we arrived home things would slow down, but that was anything but the case. Rob parked the truck and hopped right onto the mower, while I worked to unload the truck and trailer. Once I had that completed to an acceptable level, as I still have to take everything out of the trailer to prepare it for storage in the mines next Friday. We then moved the trailer up to the upper field to get it out of the way for our impending buck collection the following day. As we dropped the trailer, I headed to clean the barn and get everything prepared for our goat guests the following day. Around 9 PM I drug my butt into the house to make chili and corn bread to provide lunch to our guests the following day for our first buck collection. We went to bed exhausted and prepared ourselves for a busy day of buck collection starting at 6 AM the following morning! Stay tuned next week to hear all about our buck collection through BD Genetics!! Hope you are all doing well! Happy Goating!!!

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