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A tough year......

I know it has been over a month since I updated you all with my blog, but we have had a very tough year. This month started out with us attending our last show of the year at LHDGA, we had a ton of fun, camped in our old horse trailer for the last time and even won each of the classes we entered. We did not come home with any rosettes for anyone, but it was still a wonderful show.

Then, we purchased a new to us horse trailer. As many of you likely saw announced on our farm page, we are expecting a baby girl here at the end of October, and we knew if we intended to continue camping, showing our goats and having adventures we needed more space. Our old trailer was simply only big enough for Rob, me and our dog! We picked this new trailer up two days before we needed to leave for our week long county fair.... Was this a crazy decision?..... yes, but it was totally worth it to have more space for everything. We took both of the horses, and all of the goats with the exception of 2 does and 4 bucks and our dog. So needless to say we needed a lot of stuff!!!

We were able to attend our county fair, enjoying time with family, friends and our animals in the comfort of our new trailer and the beautiful scenery that is Dayton PA. Our goats and horses did very well and our goats even got to ride down trip by trip in the cab of our truck to get loaded into the horse trailer, because it was raining on check out day and they are our prim donnas. But as the fair ended, our woes began.

I noticed on the last day or so of the fair our aged doe Momma was not walking straight, so I treated her with meloxicam, and vitamin B complex, when I got home, I made her an appointment with our vet for Monday morning and hauled her in. There they treated her for the kitchen sink, pneumonia, meningeal worm, polio and sent me home with Dexamethasone for her, along with additional dewormer. I was hopeful as Tuesday she had made significant improvements.

I was away most of the day Tuesday and Wednesday, as I had the honor of judging the Crawford county fair. This was a wonderful experience where I got to see beautiful goats, lovely exhibitors and practice my judging skills. I look forward to my next opportunity to judge!

Sadly, as Thursday rolled around I noticed Momma open mouth breathing, and I immediately jumped into action, hauling her down to OSU, the only place I could find that would treat a goat with oxygen. When we arrived, I was told it was unlikely that she would be able to pull through based on the x-rays of her lungs, but we wanted to try..... Come back next week to see how our story turns out.

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