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Are Boer Goats in Our Future????

To say this year's PA farm Show was different was an understatement! Not only wrangling all of our stuff and our herd into the complex, but also wrangling and working to entertain our daughter made for a farm show that I will not quickly forget. First off let me say how lucky I am to have the support of my wonderful family and my husband, without them showing goats would be nearly impossible. I will say for anyone that is expecting, my favorite baby item that I still use to this day is her ergo baby carrier, I can comfortably wear her on my back and besides her liking to pull my hair it allows me to move and do what I need to keeping her happy and contained. I would call it a 10/10, I did wear her on my back like that while at shows this summer, so it is a proven at a goat show!

We were able to arrive to the PA Farm Show, check in and get settled relatively easily, thankfully the weather was good for the drive in. We got to enjoy Thursday at the complex, it was filled with catching up with friends that we haven't seen in a while, washing the goats for the show on Friday and getting them fitted. I did somehow manage to forget my clippers so thankfully my friend Emily at Sunset Dreams Dairy goats was kind enough to lend me her pair of clippers .

We got up Friday morning and got to the complex for the start of the show! We did not end up showing until about 11:30 AM. It was nice to get a few of the girls out, we are hoping my four first fresheners have udders that come in to impress us since my only doe I will be freshening out again is my three year old. Our best placings were 2nd in the Dry yearlings, 2nd in 2 year old milkers, 2nd in best doe bred by exhibitor and 2nd in get of sire. We have had better showings, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

We found out that Avery is fascinated with Boer goats and the fitting of them..... I possibly see some meat goats in our future.... She kept running over to the Boer goats and staring and watching them. I think its pretty cute she is able to tell the difference between them and our goats! We finished off our Farm show adventure getting to walk around the rest of the complex and to say it was packed is an understatement. There were so many people there it was difficult to walk around with a stroller, but we got to see so many beautiful things! I am lucky to be able to expose my daughter to such a variety of things at such a young age!

Our drive home was late and we didn't get home until about 10:30 PM, but we had a wonderful time! We are looking forward to our show season of 2024! I hope you guys are all staying warm in this deep freeze, take care and happy goating!

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