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Are my goats famous????

This year has been full of family, fun, work and of course goats!!!! I took the time over the Christmas and New Year's Holiday to finalize a project I have been working on for years. As many of you know I enjoy writing, and several years ago I wrote a draft of a children's book that had been living on my computer for years. I took this draft and worked with a very talented illustrator to make it come to life! This is where Moots in Boots was born from. Moots was a favorite goat of mine that had a personality larger than life, she was always jumping on things, sleeping on vehicles, headbutting grocery bags, and generally putting her two cents into all things she could in life.

This book was inspired by real life events, many years ago we purchased a tractor to use around our property, as the tractor was being unloaded, Moots was the first one to climb up on the flatbed and hop up onto the tractor. She would always be the one that climbed into the UPS truck or was standing outside the Amazon truck intimidating the driver with her crooked grin!

I wanted her story and her legacy to live on and entertain children and adults alike. I also wanted her character to help bring another generation of children into contact with what goats look like, act like and how fun they can be. Hopefully fostering love for gregarious creatures, that I have loved for my entire life. Please see the link for the book below, I would greatly appreciate if you would share the book with anyone that you think would be interested in reading it, the best way to get the book into the hands of people that want it, is through sharing it!

Check it out below!!

I also worked in some of this quiet time to go through and update my website. This was sorely outdated, for many reasons. One, my computer was giving me all kinds of trouble uploading and editing the website, and two it was a very emotional process because in the two years it has been since I updated my website, I have lost several of my favorite and flag ship goats, which required me to harden myself to moving the passed animals to the reference animal page.

If you are curious about any updates to my herd and farm, check out our newly updated website at

Take care and Happy Goating!

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