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Baby Goats Already?!

Even with the whirl wind of summer I have time to think about next years crop of baby goats! Why is that you ask?! Well the main reason is, we prefer to kid in March and April because our show season starts in May. So this means we will start breeding our goats in October and November which is right around the corner! I frankly have a mixture of emotions when it comes to breeding plans! When I look at the pedigrees I am so thankful for the genetics we have in our small herd and I look forward to and I am exited to breed two of our first fresheners this year and see what they produce and how their first freshening udders perform! I am also so exited for bouncing baby goats filling our barn! On the other hand I am always worrying about the stress and complications that kidding brings. I want healthy kids and healthy does! Also, just because our does get bred does not mean they will settle and kid. We are very close with our does and bucks and we do not want to see any of them suffer in any way shape or form.

I know both of our bucks who it will be their first breeding season are eager to perform! Our youngest buck Turbo has known he was a buck almost since the day he was born. He has been wooing the girls with his silly buck noises for months now! Our other buck Branson is much more of a gentleman and is able to live in the same barn as the does without acting like a teenager with raging hormones. Its funny how their personalities impact their behavior, just like people!

For now we are preparing for our last ADGA show of the season and my first show without my husband! He will be in Nashville for the weekend and I will be flying solo taking the does to a show and managing the farm at home. I wish you all the best of luck in your breeding plans for the year! If you are interested in reserving a kid from any of my does please check out my breeding plans on my website!

Happy Goating!!

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