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Clipping Catastrophe........

Preparing for a show takes time, effort, planning and work. Much of this occurs before the actual show day! One of the main activities that needs to be accomplished is clipping! Knowing I have significantly more goats to clip this year than last year I started early. This means last Wednesday I brought the bucks over to the barn and started clipping Branson. We had jokingly called him the water buffalo, because he had so MUCH hair!! It took a good two hours to clip him for several reasons, the thickness of his hair, the amount he jumped around and my clipper blades! When I was finished I knew I would need to touch him up again before the show, but he was transformed from a wooly farm goat to a beautiful show goat in a matter of hours!

I then goaled to shave one goat per day up until Sunday of last week to ensure everyone was clipped and ready to go. I had a bit of a challenge when I was clipping Stella. I noticed although I had gotten new blades, my clippers were not cutting correctly, and after further investigation it was from the actual mechanical part malfunctioning! Where the clipper blades were screwed into the clippers themselves was stripped off and the clippers came loose and would not cut! Poor Stella had a pretty rough haircut, and I vowed to make her look pretty again! This meant I had to quickly order new clippers to finish preparing my goats for show! Thankfully, I ordered new clippers from Big Dee's and they arrived within two days. This meant that I was frantically clipping the remainder of my goats Friday and Sunday to make sure everyone was ready to go. I like to clip approximately a week prior to the show to let any whoopsies grow back in! To top it all off the calamity off, I was told that I had to make a work trip that is almost two hours away Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. But the way I look at it, is if there is a will there is a way! No matter what life throws at me I am determined to make my goat goals happen!

I will work to pack the trailer and touch things up in the evenings and we will look forward to our first trip of the year!

Stay Safe and Happy Goating!

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