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Considering the Alternative.....

Yesterday was a day like many others full of my full time job, farm work, a vet appointment and working on our newest project, rehabbing a home in New Brighton PA. For anyone who know me they realize that the whole day was built around the vet appointment and the subsequent stop at the local feed store to stock up on essentials. This appointment was multifold, one for Sadie to have her Rabies titer done and two to see our little buckling Guinness that Stella had on March 23rd. The poor little guy has been limping around for some time, and nothing I did seemed to be helping him, not rest, or meloxicam, so I assumed his mother stepped on him or he got his hoof stuck in between the panel and he must have broken his leg. Although, he did not feel like his leg was broken, but my mind could not wrap itself around any other option.

After a thorough review of both our pup and our little buckling, the vet agreed to xray Guinness. I assumed he would show a fracture or a broken bone, but none was observed. We then moved the conversation to what else could be causing this issue, and since it had been so persistent, she thought it could be a joint infection from a small case of navel ill. I was surprised by this, as I pulled him physically myself and almost immediately dipped his navel and trimmed it after he was dried off. Still, I did not have a better idea so I agreed to treat him with antibiotics. The vet did request to use Nuflor and I asked if there was another option, as I know how badly Nuflor burns, but she thought it would be the best to get into the joint, so I agreed, as long as she would give the injection away from me, ie in the back. Just for context, I have used Nuflor in the past and had several goats scream and throw themselves onto the ground after administering it, so I am always incredibly hesitant to use it.

This morning proved that our vet was right, little Guinness for the first time in several weeks was bearing weight on all four of his legs and hopping around like his brothers!! To say I was ecstatic was an understatement. I could not believe how quickly he had responded to the antibiotics! This just goes to show you that it is extremely helpful to get professional advice, and now this is something I can share with all of you! I hope that this experience is one that you can learn from and you do not have to learn by trial by fire like I did!

I hope you all are enjoying some beautiful sun, healthy happy baby goats and beautiful capacious does!! Take care and Happy Goating!

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