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Dealing with Hard Things

As you may have noticed by my posts, our life has been absolutely insane recently. I have been working on the largest project for my company for the year, which has made my regular job very stressful. Not to mention I have had to travel every week in May with the exception of one. To top this off, we have been working to turn over a new rental property that we purchased back in April. Our goal was to have it finished by June 1st, but even after working at it all weekend, we were still not complete. This means we finally asked for help yesterday and found a contractor that will finish the rest of the work for us this week. Hopefully, this means we can clean it and get it on the market to rent. In addition to this my husband’s BBQ sauce and seasoning business has really taken off. We have been doing farmers markets on Tuesday and Thursdays, and I could not be more proud! This means that we need to manage inventory and have more production days, because all of this product is produced out of our home kitchen! We are very excited as we have a booth set up at ADGA Nationals to sell our product along with several local events and shows!

To top this all off we have our club show this weekend, which I run the raffle table for. I have been collecting donations for this table for a year now, but preparing for this along with hoping to show has been an additional strain on everything else I have to do. Also, anyone that has been to our property has noticed that it looks like a wild grassland! Our mower has been in the shop for three weeks, and it was just delivered yesterday. We have not had a chance to mow everything yet, but my dear husband push mowed a significant portion of our front yard to make it look a little more presentable. Hopefully, Sunday afternoon we can get the property mowed when we get home from the show.

To add additional stress to my life, our dear goat Moots has been really struggling lately. We had the vet out on Tuesday to treat her, which just broke my heart, because she is my favorite goat, and I hate to see her struggle.

All of this to say things have been very stressful for us lately and I have adopted a new motto, that we can only tackle what is in front of us at that time. As corny as it may be, I have been saying you eat an Elephant one bite at a time. I know we will get through this and there will be a time where we do not have a much on our plate. I hope you all are having a wonderful start to your summer, take care and happy Goating!

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