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Does it ever stop?

I am sure I am not alone in writing this, but right now I feel like my life is on fast forward and that I am only barely hanging on and keeping up day by day! I know like most people in northern climates I look forward to spring and summer all year round, because it means, goat showing, gardening, camping and all things outdoors which I love! But, with all of these new activities comes all of the additional chores summer brings, endless mowing, weed eating, milking and packing and unpacking for the cycle of goat shows and camping trips in between working a full time job.

I try to manage my tasks on a weekly basis with a to do list. This helps to get the items out of my brain, so I don't run an endless cycle of items I need to do through my brain! If I did not do this I think I would have an anxiety attack! As I write this I am thinking, I really need to go clean my chicken coop, fill up my trailer's water tank, mow the lawn and field, but I try to prioritize things and most weeks I am able to get it all done in the nick of time.

Summer just only started but I can see with each weekend filling with activities it will be September before we get around to adding drainage by our chicken coop and fixing our driveway! Let alone me getting updated pictures and pedigrees on my website for my breeding plans. I enjoy being busy and quite frankly hate sitting around being bored, but sometimes I wish I could hit the pause button and sit on my front porch and cuddle my goats for a full day! Alas, this is not the case, so I try to enjoy each moment as it comes and savor all of the wonderful memories that summer brings!

Happy Goating!

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