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Doubling our Herd?

Last year I went to bed on April 1st with three goats and I ended April 2nd with six... Goat math is an easy cause for this.... many people say... No only is breeding goats my past time and hobby it is also a venture that makes more goats! On New years eve I relieved a call from the vet that Moots tested positive on her blood titres for pregnancy and, that combined with what she saw on the ultrasound suggests we have two does that are pregnant out of the three that we tried to breed. I will say I have not seen Ivy come back into heat, but I will be very surprised if she ends up kidding in 2020. Stay tuned for more developments on that front.

We are very excited not only to freshen two does and have kids, but to also milk and show two lactating does for the first time in our herds history. One of the stressors that comes with this process is finding suitable homes for the babies. We currently have two reservations for kids but we could easily go from a herd of six to a herd of twelve overnight if both of the does have triplets! Zoey has been confirmed to have at least triplets and my guess for Moots is two kids. Of course then you must play the game of deciding what kids to keep and what kids to sell. Additionally, you cannot control the ratio of male kids to female kids, it all feels kind of uncontrollable and overwhelming, but I know in the end the kids will either have good homes with us, or with other farms. This is because I have spent time working on my genetics and ensuring that I am producing high quality goats that perform in the show arena and in the milk pail. There will always be value in healthy and productive animals and I will continue to better the breed by breeding these high quality animals. I look forward to the future and I cannot wait to bring you along with us in our journey.

We are also excited to be heading to the PA farm show this week, we will be there from Wednesday the 9th to Saturday the 11th, come see us in the North West building and say hi!

Happy Goating!

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