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Farm Efficiency.....

When we bought our property six years ago we had a dream in mind of what it could be. All it was included a home with property where the previous owners did not venture past 20 feet off of the front porch. We knew the property had the possibility to be amazing, it had the home we hoped for, along with 20 acres, secluded away from from others, along with an existing chicken coop and a detached "garage" that could become my barn. Youth, exuberance, and naivety were key to us assuming that all of our goals and projects would be completed within five years of ownership, and we would be on to bigger and better things.

One of the amazing things about life is that is hardly ever goes to plan, those detours and side bars can be absolutely beautiful and life changing. I am happy that we have been able to have those experiences that have delayed our "goals". If you ask my husband, I need a good distraction every now and then. If not I become super focused on our "work" both home and paid work that I do not take time to enjoy myself. They say that opposites attract and that could not be more true about Rob and I. Not only are our backgrounds vastly different, but our opinions, views and ways of working are usually polar opposite. I think this difference in our opinions is the beauty that keeps our lives balanced, and one of the many reasons I love the life that we live.

That being said I have been hyper focused the past two weekends on ticking things off of my to do list. Several factors compounded this, firstly I can feel the winter chill in the air during the mornings and evenings, this pushes me to get all things around our property ready for the impending winter. Secondly, we are tracking towards a buck collection at our property on October 11th, and I want to put our best foot forward for our bucks, does, farm and our hospitality. I see our farm and property as our pride and joy and an absolute reflection of myself. Thirdly, we are tracking towards our next major project completion, hopefully, before the end of October. I have the automatic waters in the garage waiting to be installed, and I have walked off the distance, and diagramed the location and plan to install these. All in all we need close to 1000 ft of waterline and electric line. We are so thankful for my dad, who spent a lifetime as an electrician, who will help us, run the lines and hook up the electric to our panel. Without him this project would have been much more difficult. These waters will make my life so much easier, not only does it eliminate my weekly chore of scrubbing, dumping and filling our field waters with the use of 200 ft of hose as my water source. It will also

prevent me from having to use stock tank deicers and several hundred feet of extension cords from my house. Thirdly, it will help prevent me from slogging 5 gallon buckets of water through the yard, soaking my leg and creating treacherous pieces of ice for me to cross.

I am looking forward to continuing to build our life and legacy here at our property and I hope you all continue to join us in this journey. I hope all of you are enjoying this beautiful fall weather, Happy Goating!

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