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Farm Show Prep 2023.....

As I sit here writing this Rob and I are dealing with our first instance of a sick baby. Thankfully, Avery just seems a little stuffy and extra tired during the day. We took her to the Dr's today and he confirmed it is nothing to worry about, so we are happy to hear that. We are also coming out of one of the longest cold snaps this early in the year that I can remember. Thankfully, with extra straw, heated water buckets and a draft free barn all of our animals made it through unscathed. We did go through a little more hay than normal on these days but we were happy to have goats that simply cuddled up and got through it. Those few days make days like today and the rest of the week in western PA seem like glory days for the winter!

This time of year means we are gearing up not only for new years but also for the PA farm show. 2023's farm show is going to look a little different for many reasons, we are taking a truck and trailer to the farm show for the first time. This is all thanks to our good friends who are lending us their bumper pull, as our gooseneck is stored in the mines this time of year. We have always simply taken the goats in our SUV, but with the baby, us and 7 goats that just isn't possible this year! Without their kindness and generosity we would not be able to go to the farm show and we would miss our family tradition this year! I can't wait to show Avery an event that I look forward to all year long and have her attend her first goat show out of the womb!

I am also excited to try out my new hoof boss that I got for Christmas on our girls hooves to fine tune them prior to the show! If you see us at the PA Farm show please feel free to stop by and say hello! I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that your animals and family made it through this last cold snap without issue! Take care and Happy Goating!!!

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