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Freezing the Future.......

The alarm for 6 AM came quickly and I sprung out of bed to start our action packed day. Thankfully, Rob had moved our trailer the night before to the upper field, so I started the day by feeding the does and then leading them up three by three to the upper field. To say they were unhappy was an absolute understatement. They screamed and pulled and did not want to walk to the point where my neighbors probably thought I was killing them! This was a necessary evil for several reasons. One, I did not want to have the does be in the way for the collection or distracting the bucks! I also wanted to ensure that the does were far away from all of the other people and goats coming to the property to maintain good biosecurity, finally, I did not know what to expect for the buck collection and I wanted my barn to be empty and free for any use that was needed. I also wanted my driveway and front yard to be as free as possible to allow for trailers to arrive and turn around.

BD genetics arrived promptly at 8 AM and worked to get his trailer set up. I was just finishing up with chores and setting up our table for water, breakfast and lemonade. My lovely husband ran out and picked up doughnuts for everyone. Soon after, my good friend from Rosebay Ridge arrived with her bucks and does in toe. We promptly got started at 9 AM and I was absolutely shocked with how quickly the collection it self went. By 10:30 we had all jumped all 7 of our bucks that were needed more than once and we were awaiting the arrival of the final two bucks. Quickly, the last two bucks were collected and the semen started chilling. In the mean time I provided lunch for everyone, I had made chili and corn bread with lemonade thinking, its October it will be cold, thankfully it was a warm and beautiful day. We all ate and then the other bucks and farms headed out. It was a great day full of goat comradery and learning. I took advantage of being home and being off work to tick some tasks off of my list, tackling my weekly chores of cleaning and filling waters, cleaning my run in shed and buck house.

Finally, the straws were frozen and I was able to finally put them in my tank! I was able to get 29 straws of Turbo and Branson both and only 9 straws of Jasper. The way I look at it, is as a wonderful opportunity to save their genetics if something happens. It also gives me the ability to take an AI class next fall to use the semen if I so choose to. This will allow them to continue to live on in the future far past their natural lives. For those of you that are first time collectors, make sure you also are prepared to send the collection report to ADGA and to have the DNA for your bucks on file. This will allow you to register progeny from them in the future.

I am also looking forward to our waters project that is commencing this weekend! I will keep you all appraised on how that project goes! The only thing I will say is, do not forget about all of the ancillary expenses of installing waters as they add up quickly!!! I would also highly recommend the team at BD genetics, they were professional, courteous and speedy! I hope all of your breeding plans go well! Happy goating everyone!!

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