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Grateful to be a Goat Owner!

The winter season is not one that I look forward to with vigor, it is more of a season I prepare for and endure. However, there are many things that I love about the winter. The vibrant look of freshly fallen snow, the warm evenings spent with a good book, hot chocolate and a blanket; but I also appreciate the amount of time I get to spend with each of the goats in the winter. For whatever reason the summer is always jam packed with events and responsibilities, meaning I am running from one obligation to the next. With more darkness means more time in the barn.

This extra time allows me to really focus in on my goats and their needs, both physical and social. A great example of this was last night, I scurried around to do all of the outside chores with the few scraps of daylight I had left after work. After they were all completed, I sat on the stanchion for over an hour with a brush, loving, brushing and petting each of the goats. You could see in their faces as they jockeyed for the position closest to me that they were enjoying the session more than I was. In that hour I could have utilized several sets of hands to meet all of the requests for scratches and love. I also try to look at the small joy of life like the goats do. For example, on Sunday I was stripping the barn and MJ was happily rolling, frolicking and eating the pile of fresh wood chips I laid down for her and it struck me how simple of a joy this was, but how fully she was enjoying it.

For some reason, I never find the time to prioritize their love in the same manner when the weather is warm.

The Thanksgiving holiday is quickly approaching and I was thinking about the reasons I am blessed and all of the things I have to be thankful for, and among them are my wonderful goats that provide me with love, joy, companionship and entertainment year round, not to mention delicious milk and cheese and absolutely beautiful kids they provide me with. I also use this season to plan and reflect for the busier times of year, working on other more computer based goat ventures, research new goats and lines to add to my herd and organize areas of my home and barn that become neglected during the busier months of the year. I hope you all have an absolutely wonderful thanksgiving, and I would love to hear about what you are thankful for.

Happy Goating.

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