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Home renovation + goats?

Our lives have been consumed lately by all of our responsibilities. Not only are we both working our full time jobs and maintaining our farm, but we have been working to renovate two of our investment properties. One of them is a flip and the other is a 120 year old tri-plex. We made the rookie mistake of falling in love with the 1900's era house before we bought it and it has lead us to make some decisions with our hearts instead of our heads. Our lives have been somewhat overwhelming, but also extremely rewarding as we have marched forward at this unrelenting pace. We have learned so much in this process, and we have also grown as people and as a couple. My husband has done an amazing job of becoming a jack of all trades, plumbing the house, helping to paint, doing tile work and anything else that is needed. I have found great joy in repairing dry wall, a task that I never did before getting into real estate!

At the end of the day the goats help to bring all of us joy and a sense of purpose. It makes us both smile from ear to ear when we come home to see our happy goats enjoying our slice of paradise. Their happiness translates into joy and satisfaction in our lives. We do still have ambitions in the arena of breeding and showing our goats. So, we have been working on our breeding plans. Ivy did not settle the first time we bred her with Turbo, she came back into heat yesterday, so we bred her again to Turbo yesterday and today. We are hoping that she finally settles and we can get a crop of kids out of both of them. Also, I am looking at my life 145 days from now to decide if I should breed Zoey today too... Do I really want both does due within a day of each other? On the other hand it gives them plenty of time to recover and be ready for our first shows in early May. I think I will take the leap and breed Zoey for late March babies again this year!

We are also enjoying a rare warm snap here in western PA. It is almost November and we have yet to turn the heat on in our home, and the next few days are forecasted to be very warm and sunny in which I plan to take advantage of.

If I have learned anything from this process it is that I need to enjoy each day as the gift that it is and enjoy the journey just as much as the destination.

Happy Goating!

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