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Homestead Preparedness during the Pandemic...

As this unprecedented time we are all learning daily what life will look like and how we will move forward during this pandemic. I for one always try to be prepared for all aspects of my life, because I find it helps me to manage through all situations better. We thankfully, usually have a good supply of food in our house, I like to cook and meal plan, so there always seems to be extra food stored in the pantry, freezer and refrigerator. I did take this time to plant my seeds for my garden. I figured it was better to be ahead of the curve planting, my onions, shallots, tomatoes, Brussels sprouts and many types of peppers in case there is a food shortage, I want to be able to feed my family and neighbors with the fruits of my labor. We also went out and stocked up on a months worth of grain for everyone just to be safe and ensured that all of our gas and diesel cans were full along with all of the tanks on all of our equipment. The way I look at it better to be safe than sorry.

Other than that we had enough hay to get us through for a few months, and with the grass coming on we hope the hay will last until August 2nd hay cutting season. My husband and I are both working from home for the foreseeable future, and we have taken this time to read more of our books and spend more quality time together. The biggest problem we have is not talking to each other while we sit side by side working! We are each other's biggest distraction! Our gym is also closed, but we are committed to working on our health and fitness, so we have been modifying our workouts at home, with a yoga mat, exercise ball and sets of 15, 20 and 30 lb weights. The goats have been our biggest cheering squad during our workouts and give us the side eye, asking what the heck we are doing?!

Through all of this we are expecting Zoey to kid any day now, her due date is Saturday, but her udder is full, her ligaments very loose, and she is uncomfortable, we will keep you posted on her kidding progress. Moots is also due on April 4th, so hopefully we will have kids and abundant milk here in the next few weeks. We are also planning to take this time to catch up on projects around our house that we have been putting off for other off the farm activities. Thankfully, the great outdoors are not closed and we plan to enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine!

Try to make the best of the situation that we are in and look for the silver lining, and as always Happy Goating!

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