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Indoor Goats?..

My husband is a bonafide city boy turned into a goat lover. About six years ago we sat on our couch at our tiny rental house debating if dogs or goats were better. I grew up without dogs, but with goats and my husband grew up with dogs but not goats. So as you can imagine we were hopelessly gridlocked and trying to convince the other that our species was superior. In the end a year later we got a dog, whom we both love very much and I conceded that dogs were better than I ever expected! But, two years after we got our dog we bought Ivy! Rob will tell you to this day he was only getting a goat because I wanted one so badly. It had been years since I owned and took care of my own goat and I missed it dearly! He was not very excited to be adding to our menagire of animals, but knew that she would add to my life in a joyful way so he agreed to take on another animal.

Shortly after we got Ivy I had to leave on a business trip. Rob called me to tell me how sad Ivy was, and how she stared into the window on the porch and cried to him all day. When I came home to see my heat intolerant husband sitting on the front porch sweating and cuddling with our new goat, I knew we had both won. We each taught the other that our species of preference was amazing! Now we regularly have conversations about how we could not imagine our lives without our goats or our dog.

Fast forward to yesterday.... We got home mid afternoon with the horses from a hunter pace we had participated in earlier that day. As I was unpacking the tack and cleaning up the barn I noticed Ivy was missing. So when I went into the house to start dinner and clean up in there I came across Ivy. She was on the couch with my husband watching football...... She is one of the best goats in the house you could ever imagine. She doesn't jump on things,or eat the garbage like some of our other goats.

Now you would think since I am the original goat lover that I would be the one to let the goats into the house.... wrong. Rob lets the goats into the house on a regular basis to give them treats, and just hang out with them... I would have never guessed six years ago that we would both enjoy goats as much as we do. The moral of the story is, listen to your spouse, they have good ideas too and eventually you will come to an agreement that makes both parties happy!

Happy Goating!

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