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Is this real life?

Many of you may have read my blog likely ask your self, is this woman telling us the whole truth and nothing but the truth? The answer is yes! None of my stories have been exaggerated, or made to sound better than the reality we are living on a daily basis!

This idea came to my mind on Friday before we were going to leave for my Uncle's Memorial day gathering. My husband likes to let the goats into the house to hang out with us, and on this particular day he had let Ivy and Marigold into the house to enjoy hanging out with them. No sooner did he let them in, did he have a premonition that our storm water drain needed to be covered. He has had fear about a baby goat crawling into this drain for years and finally was going to action on it. He put his shoes on and headed outside to block the drain and I heard him scream. I ran outside to the front porch where he told me that Stella one of our doelings had just went into the drain and he grabbed her by her hind leg to pull her out. No sooner than I got down there to check on him and Scarlet that

The offending window!

I heard a crash behind me!

I looked to the front porch and Ivy in her fear had jumped through the front window and was running to my husband's rescue! She came running out to see what she could do to save him! Once we put the screen back in and blocked the storm drain we reflected on the situation and broke down laughing! How is this our life we asked ourselves?! I am sure many of you out there can relate to the absurdity that animals add to your life, but I quite frankly would not have it any other way! Happy goating!

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