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Letting Go....

This weekend was full of projects, we cleaned out a ton of old hay from our run in shed and laid down 23 tons of modified stone and geo- textile grid to stabilize the ground. This is all while we were having a bunch of weed eating done by a friend around the house. To say we were busy was an understatement. We also had our first doe kid of 2020 scheduled to leave at 3- 4 PM on Saturday. The family that purchased her was one I have known for a long time and grew up with in 4-H. They have children of their own now and are excited about owning goats of their own. They arrived and I knew it was time to do something that I had been dreading for weeks. It was time for Willow, Zoey's buckskin doe kid to go to her new home.

I know logically and logistically I cannot keep them all, but I love each and every one of our goats to the core and I want the best for them and to keep them all! That is why I try to find the best home possible for all of my goat kids. It is my responsibility as their owner and breeder to find loving homes for them where they will be cared for. I could not have picked a better home for Willow to go to; with two excited children and loving and devoted parents. I try to remind myself, that by letting go I am allowing someone else's dreams to come true. This is true for each of the goats I have purchased for myself, someone else let go to allow me to build my happy herd and I could not be more thankful for that!

As I look out my window and see the goats happily grazing on grass in the front field I am reminded that three more have to leave before the end of the season. Stetson and his companion I purchased, Cosmo,

leave tomorrow to go to their new home, and while I know their new owners have been excitedly preparing for their arrival, I can't help but feel a tinge of sadness. I helped to bring these babies into the world, and they are the first crop of Udderly Wicked breeding's to hit the ground. These kids and their parents have been an integral part of my life and they bring me joy each and every day. My hope is that they will be loved to the same degree and bring their new owners happiness and joy. If they do then everything that we have went through is worth it! To all of those that say farmers do not love our animals, remember, with each that leaves our farm, part of us goes with them. They are a part of our lives in a way that means more than I can explain to most people, but I know anyone else with goats will understand.

Happy Goating!

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