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Life's Small Moments....

I was smacked in the face today with how incredibly lucky we are. We were spending the day working from home and we heard Nanko yelling, and we looked out to see him and his sister over by our chicken coop. Rob does not like the goats over in that area, because we have seen coyotes in the area several times. We headed out there to check on them and take them back to the front yard. This lead us to cuddling with MJ and Nanko. We were standing near the pine tree in the front yard and MJ reached over and started taking large mouthfuls of pine needles. It was impressive to watch her gobble up the needles, so it turned into a fun event, where we held Nanko to eat the pine needles, and Rob even picked up Moots! It was hilarious to watch MJ and her full size mom nibbling on needles together while we held them! I wish we had someone to take our picture while we were holding them! It was a sight to behold! Rob also bent down to pick up Zoey up to share the wealth! She took one bite to every five or so bites that the other goats took, so Rob set her down without much eating at all!

As I came into the house I reflected about how thankful I am that on a Monday afternoon we were able to spend 20 mins together with our goats, enjoying a shady grove of our property. This was after a particularly stressful morning, We have another doe here for breeding with Branson and Turbo has been absolutely distraught. I actually just lutlyasted all of the big girls that morning, because Turbo had taken to jumping out of his pen. He was so stressed about being in the barn by himself he worked on his agility skills and jumped right out of his pen twice! In light of this I was working to split my normal buck pasture into two. This was because Branson was in with Stella the doe he is breeding. This took me moving my electric net fencing and making a circle for Turbo inside of my current buck fencing. Well nothing went well, my post pounder got stuck on the post,

the outlet the fence was plugged into was not working and the goats were all screaming bloody murder. I was ready to throw in the towel, but with the help of my amazing husband we pushed through got Turbo separated and, the look on his face was pure happiness. So in the end all of the stress was all worth it! The goats happiness= our happiness!

Stay Sane and Happy Goating!

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