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National Show Prep.......

This week has been one for the record books. The amount that we have been able to accomplish this week has been impressive. To start off with we almost have our newest rental property complete and ready to be listed, we worked on this all of Saturday and some of Sunday. We just have a few odds and ends to finish off, but hopefully, by the time the first week in July rolls around we will have the property ready to rent! Then we went into a full regular work week where I needed to somehow fit into that week clipping of all of our show does, and our poor hot bucks. Our bucks looked like small buffalo's and had really been struggling in the 90 degree heat, so I wanted to get their hot long fur off of them for comfort. I wanted this all done by Tuesday, so the does all has over a week of growth prior to show day at nationals. So far I have everyone clipped but our Jr kid, and one of our bucks. Rob and I will tackle the Jr Kid tonight, as holding her and clipping her is a two person job and I will tackle doing our remaining buck tommorrow morning, as I have taken tommorrow off to finish preparations.

We are also managing our regular farmers markets on Tuesdays and Thursdays and making product to ensure we have enough to deliver to a customer on Friday and to take with us for our booth at Nationals! I am picking up raw materials to finish up my fudge here in an hour or so, and I need to make at least another double batch of chocolate, and 6 or so batches of chocolate walnut and 6 or so batches of Chocolate peanut butter. This will help to set us up to have product for the farmers markets too when we come back, along with our order for Friday and our booth at Nationals! I am hopeful, I can tackle all of this tonight after our farmers market.

On top of all of this I am trying to make sure I cross off everything on our nationals packing list as well as making sure I have a few freezer crock pot meals to take with us for Tuesday and Wednesday which will be show days! We also have yet to repair our trailer awning, so hopefully we can get that done today or tommorrow, on top of preparing the farm to leave for a week. As anyone else with a farm knows it is an orchestra of events to prepare to leave. From making sure you have a farm sitter lined up, to ensuring there is enough feed for the week and leaving instructions and much much more, this doesn't even include packing! In order to lighten the load of our wonderful farm sitter, we are taking our dog with us and I have sold three bucklings over the past week. That leaves 5 that remain here and need to find homes, not to mention the one that is still on the bottle!

Still we are looking forward to our week at nationals, where we can focus on our goats, spending time with friends, and our business! Our favorite things! If you happen to see us at Nationals stop by and say hello! We would love to meet you!

I hope you all have been able to tick things off of your to do list and enjoy the summer! Take care and Happy Goating!

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