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New Journeys......

As I sit here writing this, I am being serenaded by my bucks who have recently come into rut. They are yelling to each other and making many other noises that make me glad that I live in the country with neighbors that are far away...... But, If I am honest, I laugh and smile when I hear these silly noises. It means, I have happy healthy bucks that are vying for the top spot in my breeding pecking order. But, I am struggling if I am honest, today my last three kids of the season left. I purposely decided when these kids were born that I was not keeping them, it was my strategy to stop myself from getting close to them and prevent the hurt from being there.... Well, that strategy did not work..... as soon as the kids were loaded into the van and pulling down the driveway I was an absolute mess.

What people don't understand is, I am an extremely compassionate person that loves my goats through and through, I am there for each one of their births, sometimes having to assist with their births, or to clean and dry them off and help them take their first breaths. There is no way that I can't have an emotional connection with these creatures. In the case of some of them, their mothers and fathers were born in my hands, and I cannot help but feel responsible for their well being and their lives.

These kids, a wether and two does went to an amazing home, where they will be loved and well cared for, but their absence makes my once tiny herd look even tinier! We started kidding season out with 6 does and 2 bucks, but we exploded to 15 goats at one time because of the kids! Goat math, I believe is what they call it, but now that we have 8 does and three bucks, our once true herd feels small again.

I hope that Ada, Bonnie and Bumble are happy together and that they enjoy their new lives, making hoof prints on another goat lover's heart. This is part of the cycle of life when breeding and raising goats, you can't keep them all. Take care everyone and

happy goating!

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