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One thing never changes...

As Christmas week is upon us, I was seriously thinking about what the holiday season means. To us and our family it means many things, family meals, gifts, togetherness and celebrating the birth of Christ with our family traditions. This season inevitably is full of business from shopping, to baking and trying to wrap things up with work not to mention all of the other holiday craziness. I took the week leading up to Christmas off as I knew it would be necessary to do all the shopping and tasks before Christmas day. Today what that looked like was getting up before the sun to do chores and be ready for a repair man to come look at our brand new ( we bought it in October) dishwasher that isn't working, and then head out to get a load of bedding, to come home and strip my buck house and chicken coop along with cleaning my house! As I was running around today ensuring all of my weekly chores are done in addition to all of the added holiday ones, I realized one thing that helps to keep me grounded in life is the animal chores. There is a rhythm where everyday starts the same way and every day ends similarly both started and capped off with chores.

As I watched the bucks as they sauntered around the yard while I stripped their pen, I thought about how much love, happiness and joy each of my animals provides me with. Just the simple act of watching Branson pick up a leaf, or Turbo grazing in the front yard reminds me of how blessed we are to live where we do and to be able to celebrate Christmas. We can get so wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays that we forget the real meaning of the season. Today my bucks reminded me of that, take time to slow down today and enjoy that sunset, or the beautiful sparkling snow. not everything has to be completed today or right now. Because one day we will look up from our busyness and realize that those small moments were actually really big moments.

Merry Christmas and Happy Goating!

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