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Over-run with Kids......

I took the opportunity while I had some time off for the holiday to break our my ultrasound machine and determine how many kids I will be dealing with in the spring. As many of you know I bred 6 does this year which is the most I have ever bred at one time. One did not settle and seems to have issues after kidding this past year. She has been treated with lute, cystorelin and Exceede. Any other thoughts on what we could do for her would be appreciated. She has been coming into heat about every 5 days for the past two months and stands to be bred multiple times in each heat. At this point it is too late in the year for her, but I am hopeful that next year will bring us luck with her.

With my ultrasound, I started off with Peaches, who I saw 5-6 kids in her! I am not surprised because she is not due until Mid April and she is already looking large! Ziva my best yearling seemed to have three kids, Pip my gray doe showed 4 kids and Trudy showed 2-3 which is good since she only had a single last year. Kim was too early to tell, so I need to ultrasound her again here this weekend. That being said, I am absolutely going to be swamped with baby goats here this spring! If I do the math my herd can double in size in a single week! Please send help for my sanity and my Husband's sanity for having to deal with me!

I also took this opportunity to use my intranasal pnemomia vaccine on all of the goats since we will be heading to the farm show here very soon. That is always a fun event, one that I have been enjoying going to each year for MANY MANY years, but it is a notorious one for "The farm show crud" for both people and animals. I will report back on how this vaccine works! I am sure this year will look a little different since we have a motoring 14 month old on our hands, but like everything else we will make do and I am very thankful for my family, who comes out to help show, and watch our daughter. We will also be displaying a trifold for the Western PA Dairy Goat Association. We are a small club that is in desperate need of new contributing members to keep the club going. We have tried many methods to grow the club and we have been unsuccessful, so we are hoping that showcasing what our club does to promote the goat will help us get a few new members! If you are interested in joining us we are having a club meeting at 2 PM on Sunday on Mars PA. Let me know if you would like to join I will send more information your way.

I hope you all had a wonderful New Years! Take Care and Happy Goating!

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