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Packing the farm up....

I think anyone that has animals and has traveled with them can identify with me when I say it truly feels like you have to organize a circus in order to leave. Not only do you have to pack everything for the animals and people that are coming with you. But at least for me it also means I need to organize people to come and take care of the animals we have left at home.....

It feels like a task that is somewhat insurmountable, but we do it ALL the time, not only when we leave to go to goat shows, but vacation, camping and gray goat events! So I like to think. I am pretty good at it.

The one key that I do that I think everyone could implement in their own packing is thinking ahead and writing a list. Now I must admit that with a toddler my amount of time that I have to simply sit and think ahead has been decreased, so I try to write things down as I think of them and plan to pack when I have time as well!

For this trip I tried something new and we even loaded the goats right before waking Avery up from a nap so we could simply get her up and load her into the truck for the 4 hour drive to Harrisburg. I will report back as to if this was a good strategy, but so far an hour in it seems to be working!

I am also hopeful that I didn't forget anything. As Avery ages I swear the amot of stuff she needs ever increases!! We have the entire back seat off the truck along with the tack room of the trailer full!! And a few things in the bed!!

If you guys happen to see us at the farm show stop by and say hello!! I hope you all are having a wonderful week take care and happy goating!!

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