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Pregnant Goats

We got some very exciting news this week from our veterinary team. We had the vet out to our farm last week to take blood from our girls to test for pregnancy and give us health certificates for the Pennsylvania farm show. Sunny ridge vet services expertly drew blood from Ivy and Zoey and told us to wait for her call. I asked how long the tests would take, and sadly I was told that these blood tests can take up to two weeks to get results.

Yesterday I was making dinner and I heard my phone ringing and I saw it was the veterinarian. She read me my fecal results for the horses, which are both negative. Then she told me my suspicion was correct! I thought I had seen Ivy come back into heat twice since we took her to be bred to Captain Hook, but you can never be sure until you see the results. I also had suspected that Zoey was pregnant, because we saw her little belly growing, and she is not a big eater. The vet confirmed that Ivy is open and is not bred and Zoey is in her words is very pregnant!

The next step is for us to get an ultrasound on Zoey to see how many baby goats we are expecting. We already have one reservation for a doeling that we received at the farm show from Zoey and we plan to keep a doeling and a buckling from her.

These are very exciting times at Udderly Wicked Farms!

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