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Running my First Show.........

This week has been another typical journey here on the Udderly Wicked home front. As I begin to type this I am working out of Michigan for the next two days prior to heading to driving home and loading up to head to our club show for the weekend. This meant not only did we spend the holiday weekend with my family, which entailed loosing power, and having to cut and remove five trees from their road on Sunday morning, a story for another day, but we spent Monday of our holiday prepping for the week ahead. Rob immediately launched himself in to making BBQ sauce and I headed out to do chores.

Following that I began working to load the trailer with all of the tools for the show, including all of the raffle table items and other items needed to execute the show. I was finished with this prior to Rob being done with making BBQ sauce, so I sat down to go through the deluge of entries I have received. Around 3 PM we decided to head out to Sam's club to get the first set of items for the show food booth. Rob graciously offered to run the food booth under Gray Goat BBQ, so we worked to get a big slug of the raw materials for his food booth purchased at Sam's Club. After working to get the food materials loaded into the horse trailer, I diligently worked on all of the other items that needed to be loaded to run the show, including the food booth items, raffle table items and goat items.

Fast forward a few days and Rob and I headed up to the fairgrounds on Thursday morning to get things set up. It was off to a bit of a rocky start as the pens were in the process of being set up and there were many things that the fairgrounds needed to do in order to be ready, like moving a giant pile of sawdust, cleaning up a massive puddle of water, things scattered everywhere and the whole arena needed to be set up still. So we pivoted, put the goats in the horse barn and got the trailer set up while the fair worked. Once the goat pens were set up, we got our goats settled in, our trailer cleaned up and settled, we went to help the fair get the grounds where they needed to be. Finally, around 10 PM the fair finished up and we prepared to get everything ready for the show the following day.

Friday morning rolled around and we set the food booth, arena, raffle table and began to get ready for entries. When our group arrived around 2 PM to help we mostly just had to put signs up to let everyone know the cadence of the show. By noon, a small disaster had struck and our judge from TX was not going to arrive until the morning due to flight delays and cancellations, so thankfully Christian Adels stepped up and volunteered to judge the buck show and showmanship to keep the show running.

We were able to run the show Saturday with a few minor hiccups and learnings for the next year. We had a successful raffle table and food booth, and both of our intended judges made it for the show! We finished off the show with a Best Jr. Doe in Show in ring 2 with our yearling Chi Chi which was fantastic!!! We were surprised and pleased!! Then we finished the day with a small potluck, home made pizzas from our wonderful treasurer Marlene and cleaning of the barn and arena! We are already looking forward to next year!!!

Happy Goating!!

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