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Snow Storms and Pregnant Goats!!!

As I am writing this all is quiet, which is a rare occasion now. My husband is at the gym, my daughter is sleeping and I am quietly tying away while looking out at the beautiful sunshine on the hill behind our house reflecting on the gorgeous white snow.

This has been my kind of winter, mild, with a little bit of snow, but cold enough that most things have stayed frozen to prevent myself and my animals from tromping around through the mud.

I have a very vivid memory from when I was a child, leaving the bottom of my parents bank barn to go play in the creek that ran through the field attached to the barn. That field, being the only fencing my parents had for the majority of my child hood was notably muddy year round, but the draw of the creek was too much for me to pass up, so I carefully, in my black rubber boots traipsed through the mud to play with the water of the creek and the skunk cabbage that grew around it. And as I made my way back to the barn, I got stuck in a patch of mud so strong that it sucked my boot off. Thankfully, my mom was there to come rescue me from the depths of my own decision making and pull me and my boot out of the mire.

This memory is one that pops up more frequently now as my toddler frequently walks out of her barn boots and comes over to me holding the boot up clearly asking for help putting the boot back on.

Life lately has been very hectic, which is just the season of life that we are in, but I am enjoying each of the special moments where I get to enjoy my toddler laughing from her belly while trying to pet an elusive goat, or while she chases a few of our goats around the barn that are terrified of her trying to pet them. I am painfully aware that this is the childhood she is going to look back on and form a lot of her memories and beliefs of who she is during this time, so I am fiercely trying to foster love, independence, joy and self reliance into our tiny person.

I cannot wait until this spring when she gets to see the baby goats be born and gets to hop along with them! I will take you all along in that beautiful journey together, but for now, we are planning our final hoof trims before kidding, and looking at the beautiful snow together. I hope you are all having a glorious end to your winter and beginning of kidding season! Happy Goating!!!

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