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Starting again....

Let hope this is a post that can be directly followed weekly by regular postings. I apologize to everyone that has been an avid reader but life got crazy this year. I knew adding a baby into our lives would complicate things but I never expected how different my life would look this year compared to years past. We have been loving watching our daughter grow, learn and become her own little person, but this has meant things I previously had time for, ie website maintance, blogging and anything that was not imminently needed have gone by the way side.

I do feel like for the time being we are in a good groove where I have time to do my work, take care of my animals, maintain my relationship and generally be a decent human being. But who knows what the future holds. As far as my herd is concerned things have been a bit slow lately. We have everyone bred, at least fingers crossed we do. We are 25 days past breeding for all of our does other than Godivia. I have bred her 4 different times and she continues to short cycle, but I am hopeful as our vet was able to give us cystorenlin. I was able to adminiter it and I rebred her just the other day. Hopefully, it sticks, if not she will likely remain dry for this year.

We are trying something new this year and kidding in April instead of March, because we will be on vacation in March. This also means that instead of havig one doe due and then a week or two and another due, I have five does due within a weeks time. I will report back on my thoughts of this method. I think it could be beneficial in order to allow me to manage business travel and be home for all of the kiddings. I am also trying something new this year in the fact that I have six does bred, which is the most I have ever bred! I may be innundated with kids here in April, but we are anxious to see our four first fresheners, and understand what kind of udder they plan to put on! First freshening does are always exciting and nerve wracking. You don't know how they are going to kid, but there is that promise for a potential gorgeous udder!!

I am excited to get back to posting regularly and I can't wait to hear from all of you. I hope your barns are warm and quiet and you had a wonderful Christmas and an even more beautiful New Years!!

Take care and Happy Goating!

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