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Thanksgiving with Goats?!

We love letting our goats in the house and really enjoy all of the extra that they add to our life. This meaning all of their comedy, each of their individual personalities and simply their silly antics. They have us so well trained that when I let them out in the morning they come to the back door for their bananas, animal crackers and zinc tablets (they love to eat these right out of our hands). Moots has even learned to knock, she comes up and is miraculously able to stand with her front hooves on the ledge of the door where it transitions from glass to wood. We can tell which goat it is without turning around and looking. That being said we cannot be with our goats every single minute of every day and that means we miss silly little things that they do.

For example, today was beautiful, so I took the time to go outside and do several chores I had been neglecting, like cleaning the chicken coop and the buck pen and doing the field waters. In the photo for this blog you will see Moots ran into the shed where we keep a lot of miscellaneous things, like hay for the buck pen, feed for the chickens, hoses for the field water and my cart that I use to driving. Moots and Ivy found the hay that I keep over there for the bucks and were going to town eating it, which I thought was funny since it is the same hay as in the barn! This beautiful moment made me realize how much I appreciate

the goats and how much I miss them when life gets in the way.We are planning to go to my parents house for thanksgiving and we will not be able to spend very much time with our girls, it just makes me realize that we need to embrace each day as it comes and live life to the fullest. We have been running a million miles an hour managing our day jobs, our farm and our side hustle of renting and flipping houses. While we both love life when it is crazy busy, it sometimes means you take things for granted and I have been trying to enjoy the quiet times and see the peace and beauty in a day where we don't have plans other than to enjoy our marriage, home and animals. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Happy Goating!

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