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That was a record......

As I sit here in my kitchen writing this I am so thankful that the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over. Yes, we still have New Years to look forward to later this week, but all in all, the gifts have been bought, wrapped, unwrapped, and taken to their respective places. I was able to get all of our fudge and spice orders out and complete prior to Christmas and we have largely spent this week catching up. This means catching up on sleep, rest, organization, cleaning, getting bedding, minerals and kelp for the goats and hanging my beloved three new Sydell mineral feeders for the goats. Which they absolutely adore by the way!

I have been able to check things off the list that I have been meaning to accomplish for weeks now, that were on the back burner, and man does it feel good! I plan to take my clipper blades tommorrow to be sharpened and the remainder of my time off will be spent preparing for the PA Farm show that is just 14 short days away!

Rob and I went down a rabbit hole the other night searching for a basket and roof racks for our Jeep. We are certain that is the only way we will be able to fit 6 Nigerans, a bale of hay, my stanchion, the rest of my tack and our clothes, for the four day trip to Harrisburg. We are fully prepared to look like the Clampits with everything that we need besides the goats and ourselves strapped to our roof racks. It will be worth it for the fun that will ensue!

This is a tradition I have missed greatly over the past year. It feels like more than two years since the last PA Farm Show. It is a wonderful reprieve from the winter blues. I love being able to get out and show my goats, see all the other animals and meet people that I otherwise may have not met. I truly hope that this unseasonably warm weather continues and we are able to have a safe and snow free trip to and from Harrisburg.

I was even sweating as I was doing chores tonight, 50 some degrees in late December is just another day closer to spring. It also makes me reconsider my hunt for straw. I usually am a big believer in clean pine shavings, but having a barn with concrete floors means my goats need a little extra insulation when the temperatures dip down below 20. I hope you all have had a wonderful Merry Christmas and an even better New Year! Take care Happy Goating and we will chat in 2022!!

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