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The best gift!....

As I write this I am sure many people are still working to clean things up and get things back to normal after the Christmas rush has passed, and many are gearing up for better things in 2021. We celebrated Christmas in a way that was more normal than not, we were able to enjoy Christmas eve with my god mother like I have been since I was a kid and we had a wonderful Christmas morning at home just Rob and I. The weather put a little damper on things as we got about 5 inches of snow overnight from Christmas eve and it snowed all day on Christmas! That didn't stop the necessary chores from being done! I always love the barn on Christmas morning, it reminds me of the reason for the season, and how familiar my surroundings are to the sights and sounds of baby Jesus on his birthday! This Christmas was no exception, I love hearing the sound of the goats and horses softly munching on hay, and the barn is simply the most peaceful place on earth to me and I can understand why god chose this as the place for his only son to be born.

As we came into the house to have breakfast and open a few presents, before heading to my parents house, I realized what a lucky woman I am. I got to my last present and Rob bought me an ultrasound machine for the goats!! I was so incredibly excited, I just wanted to run out to the barn to try to use it! I have since ultrasounded Tank and Momma both more than once! I easily saw two kids in Momma, I would be surprised if she was not hiding more! I am almost 100% sure that Tank is bred as well, but I have yet to be able to see anything in her. If anyone has any tips or tricks in ultrasounding goats for pregnancy I would love to hear them! I plan to have my vet and another goat breeder from our goat club that has an ultrasound help me out in the coming weeks and I will be sure to keep you updated! I wish you all a safe and wonderful new year and Happy Goating!

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