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The calm before the storm......

The past week and a half has been exactly what we needed. We actually had two weekends in a row where we did not have plans to go away scheduled. This meant we were able to catch up on desperately needed tasks at home. This means that our lawn was mowed, I was able to make fudge to have for the farmers market, our house even got cleaned, and I was able to give the bucks some attention.

I think I have had on my to do list for over a month to finally clip my last buck Branson! The poor guy grows hair like a miniature bison which does not help him to stay cool when they are out grazing in their pasture for the day. So I took last night, and tackled clipping him as well as trimming the hooves of every goat on the property. It feels good to be back to some kind of status quo. I feel like for May through most of July I was just barely treading water to keep all of our balls we had in the air moving! We even had time last night to sit down and plan out a little mini vacation along with starting to prepare for our last goat show of the season, which happens to be next week and our county fair which is the week after!

This time even allowed us to get our paint color picked out for our room, as painting our room has been on the agenda for quite some time! Don't get too excited, we haven't painted yet, but its a start! It has also allowed us time to recuperate and rest both physically and mentally which is something that we have needed for weeks. I hope you all have been able to enjoy these last few weeks of summer that we have had and are looking forward to the end of summer and all that it brings!

As I look forward I know I have a lot of clipping that needs to occur for our fair along with packing and planning! But I am looking forward to a week with family and friends and without distraction from work and home life here. Take care everyone and happy goating!

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