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The Crazy Goat Lady...

My husband looked at me yesterday and said... What do people think when they use our bathroom?! I said, I bet they think I am even crazier of a goat lady than before... The reason for his concern is the line up of plastic goats on our bathroom window sill... I have been collecting goat art, decor and other knick knacks for years. Any goat item was fair game that struck my eye. Now that I look around our home, I see why he is concerned... There is a goat everywhere you turn. I thought for a moment about how crazy this must seem to outsiders, and then I realized, I don't care. I have always been extremely enamored with goats and their gregarious nature, that I have stood out in a crowd for essentially my entire life. It took me a long time to realize it was O.K. to like different things than the average person. That is what makes me unique and helps give me my perspective on life. I like to think I have learned this from my goats, they enjoy life on their own terms and live life exactly how they see fit. I think this is why Moots is my favorite goat in my herd. She absolutely marches to the beat of her own drum and does not let any of the other goats, horses or even us boss her around.

Not a day goes by that she doesn't do something to make me laugh, whether it be ripping the old feed sacks out of the garbage to check for one last kernel of corn, rearing up at me as I walk to the barn for evening feeding time, ripping grocery bags out of my hands as I unload them from the car or just simply climbing on top of our vehicles to sleep. She truly demonstrates that life is exactly what you make of it. Even though she is the biggest trouble maker on our farm by far, she is also my favorite and the one that gets the most treats. She comes to the back sliding glass door at least once a day to beg for a banana or apple. She also makes it clear she is not leaving until we give into her desires. Additionally, if I am late doing chores she will come to the back porch to "knock" on the door to remind me it is time to go outside, feed and put her away.

People can learn a lot from the goats that they love and care for, but one of the most important lessons they can take away is the unwavering sense of self that most goats have. They love you and themselves exactly how they are at the moment, and I think that is something special that we can

learn from them. Happy Goating!!!

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