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They ruined that!!

Today was one that broke the records. We have lived on this property for six years and we have had our upper field fenced for over a year and today I finally decided it was time to put the horses in the upper field. It was a culmination of things. I had spare time because work has slowed down for the holidays, the sun was shining, the field waters were all working and the field the horses usually are in was low on grass.

So I plunged in and lead the horses up to the field with the bucks. That is when I realized I made my first mistake. My beautiful bucks were out in the middle of the field peacefully grazing. When I let my horses in the field my 20 year old gelding decided he had become a three year old Arabian filly and proceeded to run around the field like an absolute lunatic! Not only was I worried he was going to impale himself into the fence, but I was also worried that he was running around the field he would break a leg by falling into a soft spot in our trench we backfilled. Then to add additional anxiety Owen thought that turfing the beautiful grassy pasture and terrifying my bucks was the next best thing. He ran and juked and bucked and spun and my poor brave boys cowered in the corner trying to protect themselves from those thundering hooves. Finally, his crazy subsided and he and Elle went to grazing peacefully on the long grass, while my bucks shook in terror in the corner!

Then to top off the crazy my four year old Momma decided to come back into heat. This is the first time that she has ever had to be bred twice in a season. She is the mother and grandmother to the majority of the goats on our farm. I was hoping to breed her this year for the last time in order to be able to show her at nationals in 2022. I also am excited for the breeding I chose for her this year. I think the kids that they could produce would be on another level here for our farm. If she settled to yesterday's breeding she will be kidding on May 15th which is the latest we have ever kidded here at Udderly Wicked.

On a positive note I did ultrasound Tanky and she is absolutely pregnant and already huge! She is due in March, So I think she is going to have at least three! I also had the chance to ultrasound Godiva, who I also believe is bred from what I could see on the ultrasound machine. She is due April 19th! I am already looking forward to the spring kidding season and I hope all of the does remain bred and have healthy easy kiddings!

In the spirit of the season, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday and and even better new year! Take care and enjoy time with your family and your cloven hooved partners in crime! Happy Goating!

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