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Tragedy in a time of new life..

First off I want to say thank you to everyone for being so patient with me as my blogs have been wildly inconsistent and sporadic. This whole being a full time working farm owner, mother and also a small business owner has really been kicking my butt lately. Even with help I have not been able to carve out time to write my blog, farm chores, full time work, and my family have taken up all of my time.

But this week I was able to get caught up which means I have some extra time to work on computer tasks which means you get to hear from me! I left you off on when Godiva had kidded, thankfully, she is currently doing very well and has successfully raised her three buck kids. Two of them have already been sold as in tact buck kids, with one left with a pending home needing a home. For those of you that have been keeping track, that means in two years of kidding Godiva has given me 7 buck kids out of two different sires, and one beautiful single doe kid, that sadly did not make it this year. My husband and I were at an event for his BBQ sauce business and when I came home I saw the doe kid has passed.

I literally walked into the barn and I immediately knew something was off by the way the little doe was laying. I had done chores a little bit early that morning so we could go to the event as a family and I left the heat lamp on, this was early April still and the barn was closed, so she should not have gotten cold. I am afraid that she was premature as she was very small compared to her brothers and did not have her bottom teeth erupted yet.

This is a hard lesson for me to learn, as I have never lost a kid before that I likely need to take small kids like that into the house and bottle feed them.

Here is to hoping that next year Godiva gives me a doe kid to keep from her! I hope all is well with you and Happy Goating!! I will do my best to stay on top of blogging moving forward!!!

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