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We are about to be over-run!!

Anyone that is reading this is likely thinking to themselves, it is spring, what are they planning to be over-run with? Well after a very long and needed vacation away from work and pretty much all adult responsibility in life I have come home with a renewed vigor to enjoy my goats, and look forward to kidding, milking and show season. This year we have five does due which is the most we have ever bred, in previous years it has been 2-3. All of them with the exception of one look to have multiples and I am sure that a few of them have 3+ kids inside of them! This is an exciting year as it is the first year that Avery will be able to enjoy and be aware of the kids, we will get to raise our kid with a bunch of goat kids.

As with every kidding season, I have hope and anticipation. I am already liking what I am seeing in 4/5 udders that have developed pre freshening! Everyone has their hooves trimmed, CDT shots given and I even double checked my kidding kit last night. Thankfully I did as I am completely out of puppy pads and I had to order more.

I am also very thankful to our farm sitter as she watched over our goats and took wonderful care of the whole farm while we were away on vacation. Our first doe Peaches is due April 12th, I have one last work trip to take this coming week and then we are doing what we have never been able to do before, all 5 does are due within 10 days of each other..... We shall see if I like that technique or hate it!!

I still need to get the kidding stalls set up in the barn, as we have usually only set up 2 at a time, this time I am going to set up 4! We got a load of hay also this week, so we should be set in terms of what we need to do! If you know anyone that is looking for some high quality goat kids let me know, we have some reservations, but I am sure there will be more kids born than we want to keep.

Take care, stay dry and happy goating!!!

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