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When it rains it pours......

This past week has been a rollercoaster to say the least. On one hand we have been incredibly excited to head on our last camping trip of the year down to Hocking Hills. This is one where we have had reservations since February to see the beautiful fall foliage, and we were meeting a huge group of us down there, about 15 other people plus our Icelandic club were going to be there. The time to prepare to leave our farm, finding and scheduling our farm sitter, packing the trailer and preparing all of the food for our visit was very significant.

On the other hand we have been dealing with an illness in our beloved pooch Sadie. About three weeks ago we noticed that she was struggling to get up. I called PVSEC and scheduled her a recheck, since she had just had TPLO (dog ACL) surgery back in June. We assumed she damaged something in her leg or needed a TPLO on her other leg, because she is crazy. They were able to schedule us for an appointment a week out which is last Thursday. As we waited her situation deteriorated, she went from having trouble getting up and down to not getting up at all. We recognized this as a major issue and took her to our vet. They ran a battery of tests and diagnosed her with Hookworms even though she is on HeartGuard Plus. The vet gave us antibiotics, dewormer and an anti- inflammatory. By Thursday she was greatly improved and we thought great! We have our playful pup back. But as Friday hit, we noticed she was slowing down and starting to regress. She did not eat anything from Friday until Monday afternoon, when we had the idea to try canned food. She even refused eggs, which are usually her favorite.

Monday morning rolled around and we knew she needed to be seen again, so we took her back to our vet that said she needed to be hospitalized, so we discussed our options, and decided to take her by the direction of our vet to PVSEC in Pittsburgh. That is where she remains, no closer to a diagnosis. On IV antibiotics and fluids. We now have decided at least not to leave tommorrow for trip to Hocking Hills, because there is no service there and we need to make decisions about her care.

On top of all of this I realized Friday that on her next heat I need to breed Godiva. This will kick off my breeding season to ensure I can have March and April kids for next year.... We would appreciate some kind thoughts and prayers to be sent for our dog. Through this all our farm has remained my rock, being a source of joy, consistency and solace, I could not be more thankful or blessed to have our home, our animals and my wonderful husband to support us in these challenging situations. Take care and Happy Goating!

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